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Growing up in Casablanca, Youssef Lahlou began expressing his creativity by making films. His short film “The Tablecloth‘’ earned him selections at prestigious International Film Festivals. Now he expands his artistic craft into another one of his passions, hats.

Based in New York, he worked with well known hat makers before leaving to focus on his own label.

Artisanal and true hat making techniques combined with Lahlou’s modern, innovative vision will make any wearer of this brand distinguish themselves from the crowd no matter where they are in the world.

The brand has great respect for animals and the entire collection is made of the finest quality material while remaining animal cruelty free.


Our Process

Every one of our hats are devotedly hand crafted (hand blocked). Hand-blocking includes wetting, steaming (or both) the material then pulling it into a wooden block. It is then secured to a baseline with pins, the excess material is carefully cut away.

Each hat is unique and some of them took 12 months in the making. We went through various tests and experiments to find the perfect fit.

All jewelry are custom made in New York; they are hand polished and crafted with amazing technicality and expertise. The process is the most detailed characteristics and refined beauty.